Our story 

our journey start from the giving rent room and commercial space for business meeting and other side we give family rent room.We are see the problem of searching rooms and so many people searching 20-30 rooms and plots everyday basis so we make the solution for this and start space4rent.in this platform give you space and so many things near you and if you want to list your item with us you can with no cost.

Who we are ?

We are the marketplace for selling and purchasing your product and services for solving the problem sell and buy and marketing.We build this platform to save your time energy and money in this industry. 

What we do ?

We are doing your sales easy and help to connect customer to customer connection.we are solving the problem of searching buyers and seller in your area.it’s an easy way to list your product and services just register and login after that you can eligible to list.


we will take care of your ads and data we are secure your data.list your item.


We are giving you the listing services for your product and service.
You can buy so many things here near you with location service with you can bargain with your suitable price.
You can marketing your product and new brand with us and we are giving the kickstart marketing services for budding entrepreneurs.


The designers worked with a stainless steel netting of two by two centimetre squares to create the daybeds, which they describe as looking like a curled up mattress or a sheet of paper.

Many categories
Here you can get so much categories of the product and services.
Ease to use
Our site and list your product is easy to use with our location service.
100% Responsive
our site is providing you the 100% responsiveness.
Fully Customizible ads
Here you can controll your ads with fully customizible feature.
High Performance
Here you get the high performance site and ads for you.
Free Upload
You can upload your 10 free ads or campaign with us.
Easy to buy anything
there are easy to buy any product and adopt any service.
Save time and money
You save your time and money with the use of our feature.
Free Support
Here you get free and 24x7 support with us.